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If you are looking for the ideal safe to place valuable items like money, passports, USB Flash Drives that contain important data or personal information, jewelry or other goods, then the 2087DFE Fire Resistant safe might be the answer to your question! The safe can be purchased online in a Data Safe Shop.

This safe features an entry code system, using a keypad that comes with a protection lid and includes a background light so that the numbers may be seen in the dark. It also comes standard with an emergency key for when the safe needs to be opened due to an emergency. On top of that, it offers some fire protection and protection from total submersion in water, and has a nifty feature with its hinges that keep the safe from being opened by method of prying.

What can I store in this safe?

As stated before, the consumer can store many valuable (and priceless) items in the 2087DFE – Fire-resistant Safe – 1 h Certified – UL 60 – Paper / Storage Media – First Alert , ranging from digital media, digital data, or even physical goods such as money, passports, and other things. It also has an adjustable shelf inside the unit to maximize your storing capabilities. You can choose to leave a very small space at the bottom to hold paper goods (passport, credit cards, money) and leave the top space for your digital media, or make the small space at the top. There are endless combinations to what and how you store your items in this safe! And, with the mounting system that includes a water-tight seal at the bottom, you can mount your safe and not ever have to worry about water leaking in from the bottom!

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